A unique place in the heart of Bremen that celebrates local creativity, craftsmanship, and sustainable design.

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Artistic Expression and On-Site Manufacturing
Experience the unique atmosphere of (Con)temporary Crafts as you explore the open-door store area, where carefully curated products from different partners are available for purchase.

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Discover unique handmade products made with heart and love.


Open Atelier

Experience the magic of craftsmanship by witnessing skilled artisans in action.


Exhibition space

Our second floor is a space dedicated to exhibitions and events.

Resident Program

Come to work with us! and become part of our creative community.

Workshops & Events

A place to learn, show, create, and connect people.

Barista coffe

Relax and enjoy coffee in a welcoming atmosphere.

Do you want to exhibit, sell, give a workshop or work with us? Then...
our space

An intersection of creativity, crafts and materiality

(Con)temporary Crafts Studio is an interdisciplinary platform located in the heart of Bremen’s City Center. Our mission is to provide a dynamic space where artistry, design, and collaboration flourish, and to revive interest in handmade products made with passion and love.

At (Con)temporary Crafts, we value craftsmanship, knowledge transmission, and the celebration of talents across generations, disciplines, and origins. We invite artists, makers, and enthusiasts to join us on this creative journey.

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Featured work in our store

Uniting Creativity, Crafts, and Sustainability

November-December 2023

Current exhibition

KUNST TANDEM  – Tandem-Paare Bremen Kunstler*innen 

SAVE THE DATE | 9 februar 2024

Prozesse, Prototypen und Produkte

Konzert von Blue Friends
(MalteSchallhöfer & Hannes Warneke)
Audiovisuelle Performance
von Johanna Rafalski (Zeichnung) und Eddie Stark (E-Piano)


Tauche ein in die kreative Welt von 11 Künstlern aus verschiedenen Disziplinen, die den Weg, die Herausforderungen und die Ergebnisse ihrer Arbeit enthüllen.

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nächste Termine im CCS
9. Februar bis April
Gruppenausstellung 'Prototypen, Prozesse und Produkte'
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